its about fashion

Ok so i have to confess. My style is not my style. I really haven’t had the chance to express myself and what i like in terms of fashion through my dress-code. Its hard to do so when you don’t have the ease(money-wise) to shop till you drop. I’m not complaining i am blessed to have clothing to wear in such hard times, but i really think its time for a change.

So a few Saturdays ago i cleared ALL of my clothing. I put winter clothing in the basement, (official hello to summer-y days) and took care of whatever else i didn’t want anymore or don’t like e.t.c. Next step has to be, shop for things that really express who i am and what i like. I think i’m going to need some help on this one. You know who you are.¬†

This summer i’m going to make sure i clear everything up and decide who i am, what i’m really looking for in life, what my style is and what i’m going to do to make things better for people around me!

take care everyone